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Audio speaker part: t-toke We only use the best and low carbon steel material for T-Yoke parts. T-Yoke can be fully or partially machined. Computerized, automatic lathes economically machine parts with precision. Many protective plating and coating processes are available.

Following are examples of parts we have made for others. Parts are made only to your specification.

Specification Size(inches) Typical Tolerances
Outside Diameter(A) 10"max ±0.01"
Pole Diameter(B) 4" max + 0.000"
Column Height(C) Arbitrary ±0.010"
Thickness(D) Arbitrary ±0.005"
Weight(LBS) 30 lbs Maximum
Surface treatment
Zinc, Chrome, or E Coat
Material 1008,1010,etc.
Low Carbon Steel