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Auto audio parts Audiomax currently produces an incredible range of speaker parts - ranging from less than a pound to v irtually 30 pounds in weight! Our solutions include the ability to die-cast aluminum alloy frames from 5-18" in diameter and we can also produce tools to meet your custom basket requirements. We additionally supply clear zinc with or without blue chrome plating, black E-coating and powder coating of almost any color imaginable. Most of our parts are made with little or no tooling charges to our customers. Take a look at our solutions:

  If you assemble speakers for your own brand, our parts will
  • Make your speakers work better by using the very best steel alloys and precision magnet surfaces.
  • Guarantee you better plating and cosmetics to protect the parts.
  • Now be better packaged for easier use on the assembly line and for zero damage during shipping.
  • Cost the same or less than you are paying for similar parts.
If you assemble speakers for other OEM customers' brands, our parts will:
  • Guarantee all of the above advantages, plus
  • Make it easier for you to win new OEM business, as you will be providing speakers that work and look better than your competitors for a similar or lower cost.
If you have another assembler make speakers for your own brand, our parts will:
  • Make your speakers stand out from the competition both visually and by performance.
Our product line includes the following items. Pictures are available in our Show Room