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:: High Performance Auto Parts

Following our initial success in the speaker parts sector, we expanded our range of solutions in 1998. We are now also a leading supplier of high-performance auto parts. Our solid reputation as a reliable and effective producer of top quality auto parts products, has helped us build a fast-growing and impressive customer base in the sector.

Over the past several years, we have developed over 100 types of high-performance auto parts of the highest quality. Our facilities currently have the capacity to produce more than 500,000 auto parts per month - giving us the flexibility to exactly match your requirements.

Following are some product types we have supplied to our customers:
  • Air Flow Sensor
  • Cable
  • Control Arm
  • Line Lock
  • Plastic Cover
  • Pulley Kit
  • Girdle System
  • Real Coil Cover Conversion Kit
  • Rotational Mold
  • Spring and Spring Adjustor
  • Value Cover