An OEM solution for all your auto parts needs  
Based in California, USA, Audiomax Corporation of America (ACA) is a global manufacturer and importer specializing in OEM solutions for high performance auto parts and speaker parts for the automotive industry.

Our success is founded on the 'Audiomax Advantages'. These are the core underlying concepts that drive our solutions. At Audiomax, we aim to fulfill all of our customers' needs quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively - both now and in the future. Let's take a look at the benefits of our solutions:

:: People
The primary "Audiomax Advantage" is our workforce. Every single team member is focused on finding solutions and delivering on them - we are dedicated to addressing the demands of your individual needs. We are proud to say that we have the capabilities, the experienced staff and the dedication to meet and exceed the expectations of any current or prospective customers.

:: Cost Savings
Partner with Audiomax and you will enjoy extremely competitive prices. We undertake continuous cost-saving efforts in our engineering and process flow methods and purchasing power to ensure every customer has the best possible price for their products. This success solution gives you the ability to be more competitive, greatly increases your profit margins and strengthens your own position in the marketplace.

:: Quality
Audiomax solutions are underpinned by quality - it is always our primary concern!

We understand that quality counts with our customers and we are backed by skilled engineers with extensive experience in quality control procedures. We train our teams to truly understand your requirements and to deliver to them. Our commitment to using the very latest CAD/CAM software enables us to handle both small and bulk orders with ease. We apply stringent quality checks at each step of the production process - from the purchase of raw materials through to the final packing of your products. Finally, we always perform a thorough final product test to guarantee you are 100% satisfied with your goods.

:: Services
Audiomax is proud of our strong reputation as a service oriented solutions provider. We have received numerous testimonials from our customers complimenting us on our 100% satisfactory customer service, our on-time delivery, our ability to meet/exceed demands and our commitment to industry standards.

Our aim is to listen to your needs at all times and to take immediate action to solve issues if they arise. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. In addition, our strong industry background allows us to offer you value added services that can reduce your production costs and enhance product performance and quality.

:: Flexibility
We have built a network of facilities that can be deployed to manage any production order - no matter how big or how small. This network also gives us the ability to offer you flexible solutions as your business grows. For example, if you need to step up production to meet increased demand, our extensive capabilities can match your needs. You retain the advantages of working with Audiomax, without having to source new suppliers.