Audiomax Corporation of America - High Performance Auto Parts Manufacturer  
A global high performance auto parts importer specializing in custom manufacturing services for high performance auto parts and audio speaker components. An OEM solution for your auto parts  and speaker parts needs
Welcome to Audiomax Corporation of America - a fast-growing global OEM and aftermarket solutions provider for machining, audio, automotive and various other industries. We are a registered corporation in California since 1998. We specialize in making precision components and all aspects of metal processing. Our solutions include the custom fabrication of various metal, alloy, plastic, and rubber products to accommodate specific customer requirements.

As a premier global supplier in our sectors, we understand what drives our customers' business and have a solution for any requirement - quickly, cost effectively and capably.

The Audiomax focus is on building solutions oriented relationships with our customers. We will work with you through the full production life-cycle from design to finished goods. Partner with us and you'll soon see the benefits of the 'Audiomax Advantages'!
work with us and get the best quality and price
- Effective production solutions
- Best quality products
- On time delivery
- Competitive costs
- Exceptional customer service
- Complete R&D support

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